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Do you struggle to make thousands of decisions to optimize your ecommerce performance? Do you want to outsmart third-party sellers who eat away your profits? Commerce IQ helps you stay on top of such issues as 3P activity, out-of-stock items, PO fill rate, content compliance, and maintaining healthy stock levels. 

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Boost your ecommerce outcomes and achieve your profitability goals with CommerceIQ’s AI-driven automations

Automate thousands of business decisions and activities Receive proactive alerts, leverage automated actions into 3P activity, and always be in the know about PO fill rate and any shortages.

Connect your business silos with a single source of truth Analyze data from product detail pages, top competitors, and search results to make sure your marketing efforts align with business goals.

Optimize full-funnel media Use AI-generated data to always know where to invest across trade, promo, and marketing, while getting a full picture of display and search ad performance.

CommerceIQ Capabilities for ecommerce Professionals

Retail Operations Management

Digital Shelf Analytics

Retail Media Management

Supply Chain

  • Take control of the buy box and sidestep third party sellers that list bad quality, discontinued or expired products  
  • Automatically manage and update content on your product pages so they accurately affect your brand and maximize conversion
  • Discover and rectify OOS issues automatically, saving tremendous time and resources in recouping revenue losses
Work at the speed of algorithms
  • Leverage AI-driven insights to help inform better business decisions
  • Measure and improve your share of voice – the key driver to ecommerce success – by maximizing use of your most profitable keywords, SKUs and changing digital shelves
Digital Shelf Analytics'
  • Drive advertising outcomes with our full-funnel solutions across all major retail media platforms
  • Use Display and Search advertising in a smart way and get your products in front of highly targeted audiences that are ready to buy 
  • Leverage real-time insights to drive automations on which ads to display, down to the time of day, and watch your ad profits soar
Retail Media Management
  • Use the power of AI to automate manual tasks  and optimize fulfillment Improve your order management and avoid delays in meeting customer demand. 
  • Ensure full coverage of shortage invoice disputes from start to finish with our built-in automations
Ecommerce Supply Chain Management

Case Studies

Recovered $756,439 in Revenue in a 12-Month Period

  • Prevented $1.115 million in annual revenue leakage.
  • Reduced time taken to diagnose and resolve issues by 50%.

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Increased Top-3 Organic SOV by 75%

  • Prevented $108,000 in revenue leakage.
  • Recaptured 2% of total annual sales with a 53% increase in glance views.

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