Ecommerce Algorithmic Retail Management for Marketing Professionals

Do you struggle to obtain visibility into ad campaign or retailer performance over time? Do you need to understand how to best allocate your advertising budgets and account for changes in demand or third-party competition? Commerce IQ helps you navigate through category CPC, items eligible for advertising, and daily activation. CIQ works across online channels without typical constraints of conventional marketing agencies.

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How can CommerceIQ help you boost the value of your marketing efforts?

CIQ applies machine learning and scalable automations to optimize your ecommerce marketing outcomes.

Single Source of Truth CIQ monitors product detail pages (PDPs), top competitor PDPs, and search results for important data.

Run retail-aware advertising Dynamically adjust advertising on best- or low-performing ASINs and reallocate spend to ASINs with healthy inventory levels.

Prioritize Share of Voice Dynamically reduce spend where organic share is strong and reallocates budgets where SOV (a measurement of appearances on the first page of search results) is weak.

Capacities Overview for Marketing Professionals

Market Insights

Search Media Management

Display Media Management

Advertising Managed Services

  • Inform your advertising decisions with a handle on the keywords and SKUs that are best-positioned to move the needle.
  • Identify high ROI action items and calculate share of voice against advertising spend.
  • Identify emerging threats with a constant “finger on the pulse” of changing digital shelves
Market Insights dashboard features
  • Gain real-time recommendations based on AI and reatiler  data, including dayparting time and appropriate frequency cap.
  • Customize your advertising campaigns and automatically refine allocations and bids on the keywords that matter.
  • Drive smarter advertising decisions with complete visibility into the performance and impact of your search campaigns.
Search Media Management
  • Capture the consumer at the moment of purchase by focusing ad spend by leveraging data from the most visited websites
  • Avoid wasted ad spend with overexposed ads
  • Automate manual tasks like campaign setup and campaign optimization with our AI-driven tools
Display Media Management
  • Tap into years of online advertising expertise to hone in on the best strategy and actionable solutions that will move the needle for your business. 
  • Work with our team to identify opportunities to expand into new product categories based on the size of the market, growth potential, and cost of entry.
  • Turn your business objectives into winning ecommerce strategies and tactics and get set up for advertising success across all retail media channels

Case Studies

Recovered $756,439 in Revenue in a 12-Month Period

  • Prevented $1.115 million in annual revenue leakage.
  • Reduced time taken to diagnose and resolve issues by 50%.

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Increased Top-3 Organic SOV by 75%

  • Prevented $108,000 in revenue leakage.
  • Recaptured 2% of total annual sales with a 53% increase in glance views.

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Case study
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