AI-Powered Online Retail Management for Operations Professionals

Improve your ecommerce efficiency and capitalize on that growth with CommerceIQ suite of solutions for operations professionals. Automate thousands of actions driven by proven machine learning algorithms in near real time for boosted operational performance.

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How can CommerceIQ make your ecommerce operations more efficient?

Ecommerce is the fastest-growing retail channel globally in 2022. Do you want a bigger piece of that pie? You need to boost your operations efficiency.

Automate your daily operations Receive proactive alerts, leverage automated actions into 3P activity, and always be in the know about PO fill rate and any shortages.

Drive growth through technology-enabled digital shelf management Gain a clear picture of your inventory and reduce the occurrence of out-of-stock issues.

Insights and recommendations Dynamically reduce spend where organic share is strong and reallocates budgets where SOV (a measurement of appearances on the first page of search results) is weak.

Capacities Overview for Operations Teams

Achieve better forecasting

Identify and remove 3P variants

Prevent inventory shortage disputes

  • CommerceIQ leverages machine learning and AI to predict patterns and trends in the demand for your products.
  • Avoid out-of-stocks by using accurate data analytics and algorithmic decision-making.
  • Keep a healthy bottom line, reduce financial risk, and give customers what they want now by keeping healthy inventory levels of your products.
Achieve better forecasting
  • CommerceIQ automates the identification of 3P variants across the entire brand catalog.
  • Removal of 3P variants takes hours instead of weeks, as the tickets are filed to Amazon automatically.
  • Your ecommerce operations team is free to focus on proactive tasks rather than manual, repetitive activities.
Identify and remove 3P variants
  • Avoid revenue leakage due to erroneous out-of-stock labelling by online selling platforms.
  • Reduce 3P duplicates with inaccurate content and aggressive advertising related to OOS products.
  • Errors and 3P interventions are automatically identified, flagged, and reported to Amazon.
Prevent inventory shortage disputes

Case Studies

Recovered $756,439 in Revenue in a 12-Month Period

  • Prevented $1.115 million in annual revenue leakage.
  • Reduced time taken to diagnose and resolve issues by 50%.

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Increased Top-3 Organic SOV by 75%

  • Prevented $108,000 in revenue leakage.
  • Recaptured 2% of total annual sales with a 53% increase in glance views.

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