Optimize your ecommerce assortment

We help you recognize opportunities to drive value with the right mix of product, pack, price, and promotion to support your retailer category assortment strategies.

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  • Total SKU count view across any retailer
  • Product assortment optimization
Total SKU count view across any retailer

Monitor your assortment on the digital shelf across your retail partners and relative to your competition.

Aligned retailer assortment strategy

We enable you to see the number of SKUs being listed across retailers. This helps you analyze your share of SKUs in the category by retailer and benchmark versus fair share. You can use this data to support new product listings and assortment recommendations to retailers to influence your share of both the digital and physical shelf.

Product assortment optimization

Keep your online shoppers satisfied by making sure the SKUs they expect to find are listed in as many retailers as possible.

Optimize your core product availability

Monitor compliance of your core assortment and new products across all retailers using the data to quickly identify and plug any gaps in listings.

Benchmark vs Competitors

Ensure your assortment is competitive across all key price points. Visualize the number of SKUs and promotional intensity across each price tier within your category. Insights into category level will be invaluable to winning influence with your retailers.

"Having a deep understanding of how retailers are ranging categories, from the total category down to the brand level can be really powerful. This lets you review product ranging by price segments and depth of deal, and identify ranging opportunities that influence customer strategy. "

Steve Abram

Customer Success Manager e.fundamentals