Monica McGurk, Chief Global Growth Officer of Kellogg’s

April 11, 2022

If there were ever a person who embodies the saying “with knowledge comes power,” it would be Monica McGurk. Her deep love of learning and intense intellectual curiosity led her from rural Minnesota roots to earning degrees from Harvard and Stanford, and rising through the corporate ranks from McKinsey consultant to chief global growth officer at Kellogg’s.


The odds were against Monica to reach such heights in the corporate world—with just 21% of women in the U.S. workforce reaching the C-suite level—and it by no means has been a smooth journey for her. But she has been a hard-working, unstoppable force with an “I’m willing to try anything” attitude.

I spoke to Monica about her early influences, career trajectory and family life. One thing that stood out about her personality is that she is seemingly able to extract a lesson from any event in her life, grow from what she’s learned and not lose sight of its importance. It’s one of the reasons that—on top of being an executive, wife and mother—Monica reignited her passion for writing and became a novelist.

You, too, will be inspired by her incredible journey

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