Drive profitable full-funnel conversion and incremental sales across the omni channel marketplace

Success at Speed and Scale

We are excited to have an opportunity to partner with Spectrum Brands to deliver a future-ready solution to achieve profitable omni commerce sales growth and higher productivity.
Guru Hariharan
Founder & CEO, CommerceIQ

We set the industry standard in three key areas

Full-funnel omnichannel conversion to maximize growth

Convert across the end-to-end buyer’s journey with connected data, strategy, and execution combined with machine learning and automation

Incremental sales, profits span various marketplaces.

Full-spectrum attribution modeling, enabling you to measure incrementality, including an understanding of the additive impact of advertising on sales

A fully commerce copilot

Best-in-class, fully integrated technology together with unrivalled operational 

excellence and unmatched 

relationship and talent

Executive Summary

Partnering with CommerceIQ to accelerate your
omni commerce growth

CommerceIQ is incredibly excited about the opportunity to strengthen the partnership with Spectrum Brands and help you accelerate your ecommerce growth at speed and scale while transitioning to self-service.


Spectrum Brands is seeking to expand its media advertising capabilities with eCommerce and Omnichannel retailers. As part of this expansion, you are looking for best-in-class advertising platforms to help grow, propel, and manage your online sales and advertising objectives and goals.


We strongly believe that CommerceIQ’s strategic customer success team, unified platform, and unparalleled AI-powered retail media capabilities make us the only provider capable of not only meeting all your requirements but exceeding them.


CommerceIQ is the industry’s first and only ecommerce optimization solution that unifies insights and automations into a single platform across:


  • Sales: Revenue leakage automations, PDP Hygiene, Profitability Analysis
  • Operations: PO discrepancy automation, Lost-buy-box impact, Inventory Aware Advertising
  • Supply chain: Shortages and chargeback recovery, Forecasting support
  • Marketing: Full-funnel activations, Hourly Bidder, Campaign Optimizer, Incrementality Automations
  • Competitor intelligence: Market share, Share of Voice, Category Leaderboard


Developed and enhanced by over 200+ engineers and data scientists, our software applies machine learning and analytics to generate insights, recommendations, and automations across thousands of actions in near real time to drive growth, improve share of voice and create a competitive advantage. That is why leading consumer brands such as Nestle, The Bountiful Company (previously Nature’s Bounty), Hamilton Beach, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark, and Colgate-Palmolive use CommerceIQ to drive incremental sales growth, improvement in share of voice, and higher profitability.


With our best-in-class retail management platform, deep expertise, and track record of delivering a phenomenal ROI for the most ambitious global brands, we believe:


  • Using an interconnected platform to bridge retail media and ecommerce operations will optimize market share and profitability — going well beyond metrics like return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Hitting your ecommerce growth and profitability numbers requires you to fight algorithms with algorithms. Optimizations powered through automations, that keep pace with the speed of ecommerce will allow you to scale your business on Amazon and beyond far faster and greater than a manual approach. 
  • Investing in a unified technology stack will empower you to amplify your sales, profitability, and productivity across Amazon and other priority channels. By reducing the number of disparate point solutions that do not talk to each other, CommerceIQ allows teams to increase tech adoption (thus outputs), de-silo workflows, optimize from the same data sets and save on tech fees.
  • Like Spectrum Brands, we have a winning prescription for success that we have developed working with the most ambitious global companies: Best-in-class technology + unparalleled customer success support + a proven methodology + an unrivaled vision. Our account team would ensure Spectrum Brands deliverables are tightly managed and opportunities to drive further value from your investment with us are proactively surfaced.


We are truly excited by the prospect of deepening our partnership with Spectrum Brands.


We understand how critical it is for you to scale your ecommerce capabilities across sales management and retail marketing.


CommerceIQ is confident that our platform and strategic insight goes above and beyond your requirements and is the right partner to grow your business on Amazon and beyond. 


We look forward to demonstrating our capabilities and getting to know your team.


All the best,


CommerceIQ team

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Partnering With CommerceIQ

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