Digital Shelf Analytics
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We're committed to helping PepsiCo ecommerce teams increase digital shelf sales and share with the best data and tools.

We set the industry standard in three key areas


A single source of truth for your cross-functional team. Provides a complete picture of availability, assortment, content, price promo, competitive activity, and more.


AI decision making unlocks higher order benefits, incorporating factors like inventory, advertising, competition, and internal margin.


CommerceIQ streamlines and automates workflows, acting as a force multiplier for your team and allowing them to focus on strategy.

Executive Summary

Partnering with CommerceIQ to optimize your digital shelf and accelerate sales growth

We are excited about the opportunity to expand our partnership with PepsiCo, enhancing your digital shelf presence and accelerating sales growth through CommerceIQ.


From your RFP, we understand that your primary goals are to drive sales and market share growth while outperforming competitors. Your focus on consistent, best-in-class merchandising and achieving global coverage with superior data and insights is clear.


CommerceIQ is the right partner to meet these needs because of our:


  • Advanced Technology and Insights: Our digital shelf insights platform, powered by AI, provides automated workflows to efficiently plan, measure, and execute your commerce strategy. Integrations with systems like Stibo enhance Digital Shelf Analytics, shifting from auditing to optimizing content, and we continue to innovate with features like comprehensive location-based analytics and advanced advertising strategies.


  • Global Reach with Local Expertise: We partner with global leaders like Newell Brands, Arla, and Mars to foster ecommerce growth at every level. Our experienced team ensures local competitive advantages while aligning with your global strategy, helping you influence retailer strategies and build a strong competitive edge both online and in-store.


  • Industry-Leading Data Quality: Our platform automates routine tasks, offers exception reporting alerts, and focuses your team on strategic decisions. With full category and competitor analytics, PepsiCo will be primed to maintain its position as a pioneer in ecommerce.


We are truly excited to demonstrate how CommerceIQ can help PepsiCo remain a leader in innovation and invest in category leadership across brands that consumers love, accelerating ecommerce results globally.


We look forward to showcasing our capabilities and working closely with your team.


Best regards,


The CommerceIQ team

Key Documents

Partnering With CommerceIQ

Download our response to the PepsiCo RFP. We'll also
add any further documents required here.

Functional Capabilities Worksheet

RFI Business Challenge Response & Capabilities


Meet your CommerceIQ Team

Jaime Mizrahi

Customer Success Manager

[email protected]

Stephen Abram

Associate Director – Customer Success

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Jenna McPadden

Customer Success Director

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Braden Robinson

Customer Success Director

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Jordan Gisch

Director – Solutions Consulting

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Megan MacDonald

Director – Sales

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Katen Johal

 VP – Sales

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Balaji TK

SVP – Customer Success

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Rohan Ganeson

President – Go To Market

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Guru Hariharan

Chief Executive Officer

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Digital Shelf Analytics

Digital Shelf Analytics

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Partnering with PepsiCo for 
Global Ecommerce Management

For Market Leader in 
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with $200MM+ in Ecom Revenue

Retail omni commerce Management from CommerceIQ

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Break down silos in your organization by giving your sales, marketing, brand, supply chain and agency teams access to a single commerce copilot platform.


Empower your teams with the information they need at their fingertips. This streamlines your measurement and planning processes, focusing you on the results that matter most.

We’re leading the charge on reducing repetitive manual tasks with predictive analytics and automated actions and insights, allowing you to maximize your return on investment.

Our winning approach will deliver PepsiCo a competitive advantage