Worldwide Energy Drink Brand Doubles Share of Search Across Retailers

    April 10, 2024

    The Problem

    Despite highlighting the Energy Drink Brand as a key growth driver, sales were flagging across ecommerce.

    Search performance found at root of the issue

    17% cross-retailer Share of Search

    Content missing key branded & generic search terms

    The Solution

    Diagnosing the issue with Digital Shelf Analytics by CommerceIQ, the Energy Drink Brand began attacking the problem

    Created all new brand naming convention to drive conversion

    Optimized for branded and generic search terms

    Comprehensive, cross-retailer execution & compliance tracking


    +100% Increase in Share of Search

    86% Brand Compliance 28% Improvement

    Ready to supercharge your share of search?

    Stay ahead in the dynamic ecommerce landscape with CommerceIQ’s cutting-edge Digital Shelf Analytics.

    Our solution offers unmatched coverage, transparency and actionability, enabling you to monitor and optimize your digital presence across 850+ retailers in 45+ countries.

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