Checklist: 1P Vendor’s Prime Day Checklist

    September 29, 2022
    Ecommerce leader reviews Prime Day Checklist

    Since June, rumors have been circulating that Amazon will host a second Prime Day this fall. And on Sept. 26, the company confirmed the speculation by announcing the “Amazon Prime Early Access Sale.” So even though it seems like just yesterday that we were unboxing how Prime Day 2022 performed, we’re already ticking items on the Prime Day Checklist leading into October’s Prime Day taking place Tuesday, Oct. 11 and Wednesday, Oct. 12.

    Even with last-minute notice, there’s still time to secure as much incremental growth and revenue as possible from the event. To help you maximize your success, we’ve created a 30-days before Prime Day checklist to guide you through exactly what to optimize and look out for leading up to and during Prime Day. 

    Access the Prime Day checklist now to learn: 

    • What to review on your promoted ASIN’s product detail pages daily leading up to Prime Day
    • What to review throughout the day during Prime Day
    • A tip to account for  unprepared demand surges to limit Out of Stock
    • Advice for the most important way to plug leaked revenue

    Preview image of ecommerce strategy checklist for Prime Day

    What to expect Prime Day 2022 Fall Prime Early Access Sale

    The best indicator of what to expect or how Amazon Prime Early Access event will perform is to look at the most recent July 2022 Prime Day performance, and to stay tuned to our LinkedIn or ecommerce blog where we publish retail ecommerce trends and insights for most tentpole events.

    And as a word of cautioning, although 2020 Prime Day performance had comparable timing to this year’s fall event, it’s important to remember that there were a few aspects that made the 2020 October Prime Day performance more of an outlier:

    • Amazon rescheduled the date to October
    • The shopper base was quarantined, resulting in varying category performance across categories like pet and home
    • COVID-19 driven supply chain failures

    In Amazon’s 2020 Prime Day performance recap, the careful verbiage avoids indicating the sales figure as if the event didn’t achieve the same year-over-year success it had previously, although sales were still high. What’s the best way to prepare? Start with our Prime Day checklist to help you optimize your 1P ecommerce strategy.

    When is Prime Day?

    Since the first Prime Day in 2015, Amazon has hosted the once-annual Prime Day during the second or third week of July. Granted, there were a couple of years the COVID-19 Pandemic influenced abnormal scheduling, with a fall date in 2020 and early June date in 2021. And although by 2022, Amazon went back to regularly scheduled programming with its July event, the company is consistently exploring ways to juice its sales. 

    The history of previous Prime Day dates: 

    • Prime Day 2015: Wednesday, July 15  (24 hours)
    • Prime Day 2016: Tuesday, July 12 (24 hours)
    • Prime Day 2017: Monday, July 10 to 3 a.m. Tuesday, July 11 (30 hours) 
    • Prime Day 2018: Monday, July 16 to Tuesday, July 17 (36 hours) 
    • Prime Day 2019: Monday, July 15 to Tuesday, July 16 (48 hours)
    • Prime Day 2020: Tuesday, October 13 to Wednesday, October 14 (48 hours)
    • Prime Day 2021: Monday, June 21 to Tuesday, June 22
    • Prime Day 2022:
      • Tuesday, July 12 to Wednesday, July 13
      • Tuesday, Oct. 11 and Wednesday, October 12.

    When is Prime Day 2023?

    If history is any indicator, we predict the likeliest date for Prime Day 2023 as Tuesday, July 11 to Wednesday, July 12. Granted, it could fall on a Monday or even the following week.

    If you want to get ahead of Prime Day 2023, stay tuned to CommerceIQ for retail ecommerce insights and coverage you can’t find anywhere else. Otherwise, access our Prime Day checklist to get a head start on your ecommerce strategy.

    Access Prime Day checklist now



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