MAP violation tracking for the Digital Shelf

Track and capture pricing violations on across resellers. Protect your brands presence and eliminate MAP policy violations at source.

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  • Monitor retailer displaying your IMAP
  • Track pricing violations to protect your brand perception
Monitor retailer displaying your IMAP

Forget having to manually check if they’re keeping to your minimum advertised pricing policy. Get automated updates to keep ahead.

Advertised price vs selling price

Intuitive bar charts help you see your internet minimum advertised price across your category and retailers. Click through your SKU groups and individual retailers to ascertain the range of advertised prices.

Track pricing violations to protect your brand perception

Price violations can devalue your brand, let us show you how to avoid pricing issues.


Violation alerts

Get notified anytime violations of your Internet Minimum Advertised Price Policies occur. Click through to the SKU and retailer and archive screenshots for conversations with the retailer about adjusting advertised pricing. This way you can ensure your SKU’s quality matches your intended pricing strategy.

Protect brand value

Protect your brand from unsuitable retailer discounting strategies which may lower your brand value in the shopper’s eye – e.g. retailers bundling your products in an unseemly way, or including free items not agreed per your IMAP. We help you retain your brand’s equity and standards in a highly competitive digital shelf space.

Well-established brands have a lot to lose when online price reductions drive ‘race to the bottom’ pricing activity. Many manufactures own and manage a large portfolio across multiple retailers in the US. Tracking prices manually is an impossible task given the speed at which eCommerce is accelerating. An automated alert function that directs teams to exactly where and on which SKUs price erosion is occurring lets them focus on the strategic work that matters.

Stephanie Rubin

Customer Success Director

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