How a Leading Home-Appliances Brand Reclaimed $1.2MM of Profit

    February 23, 2024


    Invalid Co-Op Deductions on Amazon


    With a strong retailer relationship, the $600MM+ annual AMZ sales brand never questioned Co-Op deductions

    • Invalid C0-Op deductions accepted without question
    • Deductions accumulated for years to benefit of retailer


    The brand soon gained insight from CommerceIQ into the cumulative impact of the invalid charges

    • Turned Profit Recovery Automation by CommerceIQ
    • Automated disputes recovered invalid deductions going back years


    • Achieved a significant profit recovery of +$1.2 million.
    • Achieved an impressive recovery rate of 98%, indicating highly effective profit recovery efforts.
    • Generated substantial savings in Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) hours on an annualized basis, demonstrating increased efficiency and resource optimization


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