✏️ CommerceIQ Unveils: School Supplies Trends and Consumer Behavior

    September 1, 2023

    📈 Unveiling Trends in the School Supplies Market

    Leveraging the CommerceIQ category leaderboard which organizes publicly available data from Amazon, here’s what we learned:

    1️⃣ Price of school supplies have increased by 🔺23.7% in the past 2 years, which partly could explain why we saw BTS shopping pulled forward during Prime Day with people seeking out deals to offset the price impact

    2️⃣ Pencils, Highlighters and general School Supplies gained between 5% to 6% in share of search, while Pens, Markers and Office Supplies declined between 1% to 8% in share of search

    3️⃣ Pens are the key revenue drivers in the category, accounting for 55% of total revenue. Despite Pencils accounting for 28% share of search, the low ASP leads to it contributing only 7% of overall revenues

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