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    August 3, 2023


    Actionable Intelligence

    What happened on Prime Day 2023? An Insider Report

    Product News

    Partnership Announcement

    Chewy chooses CommerceIQ as API Channel Partner

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    Case Study: Greenworks 89%YoY Growth


    ↑42%            ROAS

    ↑69%            NTB Shoppers

    ↓-446bps   Out of Stock %



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    Case Study: Ad efficiency at Amazon, Walmart


    ↓12%      CPCs

    ↑7%         Clicks

    ↑34%      Impressions after reduced ad spend


    Wasteful Spends

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    Education in Remote Villages

    Project 1: Hope in Hassan

    Project 2: Purity in Hosaritti

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    Dreams that matter

    Shaping the future.
    Inspiring generations.
    Empowering people.

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    Gabriela talks about

    her role in supplier social sustainability

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    Something exciting is coming in Retail Media


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