🚨 Last Chance to Attend our Webinar on Winning Retail Media with Instacart! 🚨

    February 7, 2023

    Want to reach more online grocery shoppers?

    Instacart can give brands unparalleled access to large and regional grocers across the US, but its retail media platform is unique and confusing.

    Join CommerceIQ experts Brandon Titmus and Tim Campbell as they dissect how to reach shoppers effectively on Instacart on Wednesday, February 8, 12:45 p.m. EST (9:45 a.m. PST).

    You’ll learn

    • How to craft an Instacart-specific ad strategy
    • The latest changes taking place at the retailer
    • The likely paths forward for Instacart’s growth in a post-pandemic world
    • How brands can get the most from their Instacart investment


    Brandon Titmus

    Director of Ecommerce Strategy & Advertising | CommerceIQ

    Brandon Titmus is a Director of Ecommerce Strategy & Advertising within CommerceIQ’s Customer Success team and leverages almost 20 years of Ecommerce and digital advertising experience from brand manufacturers, agencies, and retailers to help our customers use our platform to drive their Ecommerce business.

    Tim Campbell

    Director of Industry Insights | CommerceIQ

    Tim Campbell is a Director of Industry Insights at CommerceIQ and leverages 10 years of experience helping brands understand retail and ecommerce with data analysis and a deep understanding of major retailers’ shoppers, financial reports, and strategies.


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