[📄Report] The State of Retail Ecommerce, Oct 2023

    November 10, 2023


    We have published the The State of Retail Ecommerce, Oct 2023. There are three key findings that stood out to us:

    1. Out of Stock levels have begun to rise and have exceeded 2022 levels in September. Brands continue to maintain lower levels of inventory on hand, likely driven by the desire to preserve cash and mitigate obsolete inventory.

    2. Unit Margins continue their steady decline despite rising Price levels and declining discounts. Combined with rising CPCs there is continued pressure on profitability that has continued since Q2.

    3.  While Prime Day 2023 saw a huge spike in ad spend, the summer saw an overall pull back until September, likely driven by brands preserving budget for Prime Big Deal Days (which saw a massive increase) and BFCM.


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