Prime Day Update | Amazon Hourly Business Reports for Ecommerce

    July 13, 2023
    ESM Platform

    CommerceIQ Hourly Business Reports (HBR) for Ecommerce offer 1P Brands the “last hour’s insights” view of sales, traffic, and inventory data, directly within CommerceIQ ESM Platform, in order to track performance against those metrics throughout an important day.

    Why are Hourly Business Reports (HBR) important?
    Usually, it takes 1-2 days for data to update in Vendor Central. However, with HBR, brands can now have access to real-time hourly sales, traffic, and conversion data – this helps get visibility and opportunities to optimize media and deals live during tentpole events like #PrimeDay!


    How to subscribe to Prime Day HBR?

    This feature is exclusive to our existing Ecommerce Sales Management Platform (ESM) Customers

    1) If you’re already an ESM Customer, simply collaborate with your dedicated CommerceIQ CS Representative or respond to this email by clicking here

    2) If you haven’t experienced ESM yet, Schedule A Demo with us to witness the power of HBR reports firsthand and have them ready for the next major Amazon sales event.

    📊 Here are a few key insights and trends that you can expect from our Prime Day HBR reports below

    Real-time Sales

    • Unit Sales: It represents the number of units Amazon customers order for a specific ASIN within a given hour.
    • Ordered Revenue: The total revenue generated from the aggregated ordered product sales for the specified ASIN within a given hour.
    • Conversion rate reveals the proportion of visitors who made a purchase on an Amazon product page.

    Real-time Traffic

    • Glance Views: It indicates the number of times customers have viewed the product detail page for a specific ASIN.


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