Industry Trends in Retail and ecommerce: Q1 2022

    May 18, 2022

    The first quarter of the year was marked by uncertainty and paradox: the threat of recession vs. the reality of inflation, ever-expanding ecommerce capacity vs. supply chain limitations. While much of the world recovered from the rise and fall of the initial Omicron strain, more turmoil revealed itself within the quarter when Russia invaded Ukraine and China initiated a new round of lockdowns in Shanghai. At the same time, shopper behavior continues to evolve and vendors and retailers alike are angling for a competitive edge.

    CommerceIQ reviews 6 key themes from Q1 2022 that shaped ecommerce, retail, and the economy and will continue to reverberate for years to come. Read the ebook and learn more about:

    The state of the supply chain and the new, rising challenges

    The possibility of recession and the tough balancing act the Fed faces

    The state of ecommerce and the ultrafast delivery market

    What to expect from omnichannel integration moving forward

    How shopper behavior is changing post-pandemic

    The status and opportunities of retail media growth








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