🌍 How GLocal is your ecom strategy?

    February 23, 2023

    Newsletter | February 2023

    Catch up on the industry trends, learn how to adapt your global strategy for local execution, listen to Colgate-Palmolive share best practices on driving your orgs’ digital transformation and check what’s trending in the news.

    Industry Trends: Chart of the Month

    Each month we highlight the ecommerce retail trends across supply chain, sales and operations and retail media. Retail media had a weaker December compared to 2022 but is up 15% in January vs. the same month from the prior year. What else is trending?

    New Launch Announcement! Ecommerce Sales Management (ESM) PRO on Amazon

    Ecommerce Sales Management (ESM) Pro is the one-stop-shop for enterprise brands on Amazon. This new solution integrates Market Share, Forecasting, and Customizable Reporting with Sales, Supply Chain, and Content Automations.

    Listen to The Digital Shelf Cast podcast

    Learn from content expert Tracy McManus

    How local is your global ecommerce strategy?

    Global ecommerce success requires smart local adaption, but it’s easier said than done. We explain how CPGs can strike the right balance between global ambitions and local market realities.

    Retail Ecommerce News Roundup

    Here are the top headlines and articles to read from the past month in case you missed them:

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