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    February 21, 2024

    📖  The State of Retail Ecommerce: 2023 Recap Report

    Introducing our latest release, the 2023 Retail Ecommerce Industry Trends & Insights report packed with valuable insights for the industry as well as specific categories. Dive in to understand what happened in retail ecommerce in 2023 and what to do in 2024.

     📰 Blogs

    Mastering Retail Media: A guide to allocating budget across every funnel stage

    How can brands make the most of finite retail media budgets and optimize their spend across every stage of the sales funnel? Megan MacDonald, Director Solutions Consulting at CommerceIQ, shares… Read more

    The FMCG Guys Recap: Mastering the 2024 Ecommerce Marketplace

    Navigating the global retail landscape demands a holistic strategy that involves, and goes beyond, adaptability. CommerceIQ teams up with The FMCG Guys to explore how brands can win in 2024… Read more

    Setting up Shop: Ultimate Guide to the TikTok Marketplace

    Social commerce has emerged as a powerful force transforming the way consumers shop and interact with brands. With its widespread popularity, many brands are contemplating the TikTok Shop journey… Read more

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