👾 CIQ Newsletter | Are You Prime Day Ready?

    April 27, 2023

    Newsletter | April 2023

    Amazon Prime Day will be in July. Are you ready yet? Take a look the monthly US industry trends, listen as we explain how to boost trade promotions amid inflation on our podcast, discuss best practice in retail media in our Conversation in REM webinar series and read why our DSO platform will revolutionize the CPG industry.

    📊 Industry Trends US: Chart of the Month

    Each month we highlight the ecommerce retail trends across supply chain, sales and operations, and retail media. This month, we see Ordered Product Sales on Amazon growing slowly YoY as gross unit margins reach new lows. Could a new ecommerce slowdown be in progress?

    🚀Amazon Prime Day: 4 things CPGs must get right

    Today digital shelf analytics tools provide more information than ever. But the ability to take action on this data has become a bottleneck. It’s why we’re launching CommerceIQ Digital Shelf Optimization (DSO).

    🎧 Listen to The Digital Shelf Cast podcast

    Brands waste a staggering amount of money on ineffective trade promotions every year.  The episode is an audio version of an article in which we explain how to use strategic revenue management to get the most out of your trade spend and how digital shelf analytics can help.

    👨‍🎓 Learn from retail media expert Grant Arnold

    Watch Grant Arnold and learn how you can optimize and upgrade your retail media business to thrive in an uncertain market.

    👾 How Digital Shelf Optimization is Revolutionizing the CPG Industry

    We explain the evolution from digital shelf analytics to digital shelf optimization, what it means for brands and how we’re leading the way with the launch of Digital Shelf Optimization (DSO).

    📲 Let’s talk!

    Book a demo and see why global brands trust CommerceIQ to manage and grow their retail ecommerce businesses across Amazon, Walmart, Instacart and 700+ retailers in 43+ countries.


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