💪 DSO, Uncovering More Omnichannel Opportunities in 2023

    July 14, 2023

    💪 DSO, your competitive advantage

    Get ready for some serious omnichannel management with CommerceIQ! Our platform brings together sales, retail, and ad data from top marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, Doordash and Target, both online and brick-and-mortar.

    Digital Shelf Optimization (DSO) the AI-powered actionable upgrade to Digital Shelf Analytics (DSA)

    The platform is equipped with first-party data, automations and actionable prioritized recommendations that allows account managers to better understand omnichannel trends and make smarter decisions at a quicker pace.Now, you can easily visualize your marketshare performance across different retailers side-by-side and aggregated, giving you a full-funnel view. It’s like having a virtual command center for your marketing strategy!

    👾 Content Optimization

    Streamline workflows to fix broken content and use generative AI like ChatGPT to suggest content improvements referencing retailer guidelines and key category keywords to generate product descriptions that convert your shoppers.

    📊 Multi-location Insights

    Keep your online shoppers happy by spotting opportunities to improve assortment, availability, and fulfillment methods across multiple stores, geo-locations and at a store level. Identify regional gaps vs. competitors that may otherwise be missed at a broader level.

    🌍 Integrated Market Share

    Diagnose the impact your content, reviews, share of voice, and other metrics have on sales performance.

    Are you looking to supercharge and amplify your eCommerce business by venturing into new marketplaces but don’t know where to begin? See CommerceIQ in action with a free demo today. We’ll walk you through the DSO platform and show you how easy it is to expand your sales to other retailers.


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