🚀 CommerceIQ cracks the code of #incrementality in Retail Media💰

    September 1, 2023

    It’s official—CommerceIQ’s new Incrementality Estimation Module has arrived!

    Now, CommerceIQ can deliver highly accurate insights into three of the most challenging and elusive performance metrics in Retail Media Management

    1. Rationalize conflicting attribution models across different retail media channels to deliver accurate overall media performance
    2. Accurately discern the true level of incrementally in ad-attributed sales
    3. Recommend how to best allocate additional spend to drive enhanced results

    The new Incrementality Estimation Module standardizes retail media ROI across retailers through our proprietary iROAS metric and optimizes for incremental sales growth. As brands gear up for their most lucrative sales period of the year, we are happy to announce that the Incrementality Estimation Module for Retail Media Management is available now.

    See the Incrementality Estimation in action via a demo. Act fast – only a few spots remaining!


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