🚀 Introducing Digital Shelf Optimization: Elevate Your Brand’s Online Presence! 📈

    August 3, 2023

    It’s official — e.fundamentals DSO (Digital Shelf Optimization) by CommerceIQ has arrived!


    Our customers are ecstatic with coverage across 700+ retailers across 40+ countries and 50+ mobile apps for transparent digital shelf data which is timely, accurate and actionable, and we are thrilled to share it with you.


    Digital Shelf Optimization – the game-changer revolutionizing the CPG industry

    Digital Shelf Optimization is the natural evolution of Digital Shelf Analytics. While analytics focuses on data collection and analysis, optimization takes it to the next level. It leverages this data to fine-tune your brand’s digital shelf performance by automating actions and prioritizing recommendations.

    By suggesting changes to product content for enhanced visibility and optimizing assortment, availability, and fulfillment methods with the help of AI and automation, digital shelf optimization ensures your brand stays ahead in the dynamic omnichannel landscape.  Read the DSO Announcement here

    👾 Content Optimization

    Approximately 80% of shoppers abandon their online shopping carts due to inadequate product information and poor digital shelf visibility, emphasizing the need for optimization to reduce cart abandonment rates. (Source: Salsify)

    📊 Multi-location Insights

    Keep your online shoppers happy by spotting opportunities to improve assortment, availability, and fulfillment methods across multiple stores, geo-locations and at a store level. Identify regional gaps vs. competitors that may otherwise be missed at a broader level.

    🌍 Integrated Market Share

    Selling on marketplaces, you know that success on diff retailers demands staying one step ahead of the competition. Understanding your market share (comes natively integrated with CommerceIQ DSO) is the key to making informed decisions that drive growth, boost sales, and outperform your rivals.

    Like to see our Digital Shelf Optimization platform in action?


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