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    January 26, 2023

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    Retail Ecommerce News Roundup

    The past month has been dominated by evaluations of retail’s health and the future of ecommerce after an uncertain 2022 and ahead of an uneven more uncertain 2023. Here are the top headlines and articles to read from the past month in case you missed them:


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    CommerceIQ Chart of the Month

    What is fueling the Retail Media Boom?

    • Rewarding profit margins up to 70-90% for the #retailers with onsite digital media.
    • With the cookieless world on the horizon, CPGs need 1st party data to target specific consumer segments at scale.
    • 20% of CPG brands rank shopper insights ( available with CommerceIQ RMM Solution) as the top opportunity provided by the retail media.

    What’s New
    CommerceIQ launches New bulk search and edit feature to further simplify campaign management operations

    Why is this important?
    The new bulk search capability allows users to search and edit/update up to 1000 entities in the campaign management section. This way they can quickly make changes (pause, enable, bid/budget change, target/negative target addition etc.) to any unorganized list of campaigns, keywords or SKUs in one go and save a lot of time and effort.

    How can I get access?
    This feature is available for all CIQ Accounts. To use it, in your CIQ Platform, users can just copy the list of items from any document (excel, word doc, email etc.) and paste them in the search box in the top right corner of campaign management screens to filter out the data and can then use multi-select capabilities to make bulk changes in one shot

    What’s New
    CommerceIQ launches beta version of its state-of-art incrementality measurement ML model for Amazon Search Advertising

    Why is this important?

    Why does McDonalds spend almost half a billion dollars on Advertising if they can’t attribute the ads customers saw to the happy meal they purchased?

    How does a company like Coca Cola know that their $4 billion marketing spend is the cause behind you buying a Sprite at a gas station?

    How are these brands sure that their ad budget is not cannibalizing their “organic” customer base?

    With our release of incrementality estimation, now top brands can track performance and optimize the advertising activities to maximize total sales (and not just ad-attributed sales), move ad spend from low incremental to high incremental activities and identify where to spend extra marketing dollars.

    What does it include?
    Incrementality estimates are available for all Sponsored Product keyword targeting campaigns and corresponding keywords in the campaign management section. Users can make manual adjustments based on these numbers or write campaign optimization strategies (rules) to increase/decrease bids and budgets on the basis of these metrics to increase incrementality. They can also start tracking these metrics to understand the impact of their advertising activities over time.

    How can I get access?
    All RMM advertising accounts (organizations) have access to these features

    On Demand Webinar: Chargebacks

    Check out our on-demand webinar with industry experts Cheryl Stark and Ryan Abernathy covering all you need to know about chargebacks. As supply chains become automated, be prepared to respond to this growing problem.

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    9 Predictions for 2023

    Want some help planning ahead in 2023? Uncover 9 shopper, brand, and retailer level predictions to help you protect and grow your business in a challenging year with our new research report.

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    Chart to Note

    Take note. According to eMarketer, retail media is the third big wave in advertising, and it’s maturing faster than the social and search markets that preceded it. Expect continued growth in retail media even as other budgets falter.

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    CommerceIQ’s suite of applications is growing fast and we are building the ERP for Retail Ecommerce including Ecommerce Sales Management, Retail Media Management, Profit Recovery Automation, Digital Shelf Analytics, Market Share, REM Command Center, and more. Want to see them in action?


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