Avery Products Selects CommerceIQ to Provide Cutting Edge Automation to Conquer the Pace and Complexity of Amazon

    February 27, 2019

    CommerceIQ Enables Avery to Empower Their Team With Data to Create Sustainable, Profitable Growth on Amazon

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — February 27, 2019— Boomerang Commerce, the machine-learning ecommerce platform, announces Avery Products Corporation, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive labels, labeling software, binders, dividers and other products, has selected CommerceIQ™, the industry’s first end-to-end platform for consumer brand manufacturers to enable profitable, sustainable growth on Amazon. Using machine learning to unify and analyze hundreds of frequently-changing variables across Amazon, CommerceIQ automatically identifies, prioritizes and takes best actions across sales, marketing and supply chain to drive incremental online traffic, conversion and sales.


    The pace and complexity of Amazon are unlike any other distribution channel. A brand’s success is determined by hundreds of interacting variables, measured constantly with machine speed. Companies still working with the kinds of weekly, monthly or quarterly cadences that they were used to from the brick-and-mortar world are at a significant disadvantage to digital-savvy rivals.

    CommerceIQ is purpose-built to empower brand manufacturers like Avery with the technology needed to drive profitable ecommerce growth. Leveraging automation and machine learning, CommerceIQ enables the entire Avery ecommerce team — sales, marketing and operations — to make data-driven decisions and take automated, prioritized actions to grow revenue and market share. In addition, CommerceIQ flags risks such as lost Buy Boxes, CRaP danger, and competitor and 3P seller actions to mitigate potential factors that can adversely affect sales.

    “Our Amazon business is very complex, with literally thousands of different ASINs,” said Ricky Hernandez, Senior Director of Sales & Merchandising, ecommerce Channel, Avery Products Corporation. “With CommerceIQ, our entire team has the advanced automation we need to operate at the speed and scale of Amazon. We looked at a wide range of potential solutions, and CommerceIQ provided the most comprehensive platform for integrating and automating marketing, sales, and operations.”

    “We are extremely excited to have Avery join the forward-thinking companies that make up the CommerceIQ family,” said Boomerang Commerce CEO Guru Hariharan. “We are confident that enabling the Avery ecommerce team with the CommerceIQ platform will help Avery conquer the complexity on Amazon and fuel its sales growth and success.”

    About CommerceIQ

    CommerceIQTM is the leader in ecommerce Channel Optimization (ECO), the practice of using machine learning, analytics and automations to optimize the ecommerce channel across supply chain, marketing and sales operations to win at the moment of purchase and drive profitable market share growth. CommerceIQ has been adopted by leading consumer brands accounting for billions of dollars in ecommerce sales and marketing spend, including Avery Products, Georgia-Pacific, Spectrum Brands and 3 of the top-5 Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Companies in the U.S. These brands rely on CommerceIQ’s machine-based commerce technology and business processes, which are purpose-built to tune ecommerce algorithms, collaborate and share data-driven insights in real-time in response to changing variables across hundreds of products on leading retail sites. Using CommerceIQ as a single source of truth, customers have driven 40% increase in incremental sales, 20% improvement in profitability and 32% reduction in out of stock rates on Amazon. For more information, please visit


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